• Pleasant Exchange is happy to partner with Liberty X for your cryptocurrency transfer needs. Turn your $ into Bitcoin
  • We also can offer knowledge and tips for those interested in the space (wallets to use, security, market trends, etc.)

Cell Phone / Tablet:

  • Service Activation & Recharge

           Lyca Mobile, Ultramobile, Simple Mobile,                 and more!!

  • Carrier Unlocking​
  • Data backup, data transfer, reset, password assistance   -    Software support - upgrades, app installation, virus removal, tips & tricks

Computers / Laptops:

  • Cheaper than Geek Squad: Cheap full service, with free diagnostics towards any repair
  • Virus removal

  • Data backup, data transfer, reset, password assistance

  • Hardware support: upgrade / downgrade / replacement

Custom built desktop:
Want a PC specialized for gaming, work, school, streaming, productivity? We can build a specialty piece with given specs