About Us:

Thanks so much for visiting our website!! Even though we are brand new to our location at 370 Mystic Ave., we have been in the business of electronics for 5 years. We were previously located in Malden Square under the same name (just in case you stopped by there before). There, we developed a great reputation for customer service and fair pricing, which is something we strive for every day. We aren't a major corporation trying to screw you over, and we make it a point to constantly make sure all prices are up to date and reflect deep thought about fairness on our end.

With this, we wanted to develop a cool atmosphere for anybody coming into the door, whether it is your first time or we see you multiple times a week. A unique type of place where you can see a random copy of a game you played when you were 12 years old, while also getting your computer upgraded or dealing with a cell phone issue. We get excited to see what may come through the door next, and there's always something new to amaze both us, and our customers!!

We're definitely video game and/or movie fans, so the contents of the Pleasant Exchange suit us very well.

So, please call us at 617-718-0567 or stop by any time (we're open)! Even if it's just to shoot the breeze, browse around to see what new gems came in, ask us a few questions, or get a ballpark estimate --- we love to interact with our customers.